Conflict and Alignment

We all move in and out of alignment throughout our waking hours. Events and circumstances shift and change and we shift and change with them.

Sometimes we have a sense of ease and this means that we are in alignment and sometimes we are uncomfortable and this means that we are out of alignment.

Our sense of alignment relates to our thoughts our emotions and our bodies.  Paying attention to these three areas supports us in making changes that help us act and engage with greater clarity and compassion both for ourselves and for others.

Are you aligned?

Perhaps this isn’t a question that you get asked every day, let’s see what it means.


How busy or quiet is your mind right now?

What happens to your thoughts if you are worried or concerned?

Do you believe everything you think?

Are your thoughts helpful and useful or disturbing and bothersome?

What happens to your thoughts when you know you need to deal with a conflict situation?


What is your ‘normal’ emotional state?  

Right now are you comfortable with your emotional state or does it seem to be calling your attention?

How do you know if you are having disturbing emotions?  What are the signs for you?

Are you someone who operates at a high emotional pitch and perhaps this either drops away or becomes difficult to tolerate?


How does your body feel right now?

Are you holding tension or discomfort in your body?

If so, where is that tension?

Which circumstances or situations cause you to have a ‘negative’ physical reaction?

Are there some physical symptoms that appear specifically in conflict situations?

When you consider all three areas is your current overall state a desirable one, if not you are probably out of alignment.

I am not a physical therapist and I am not offering massage or physiotherapy. What I am offering is an opportunity to look at your physical, psychological and emotional symptoms. To help you pay attention to the places where you are in or out of alignment and to help you use all the information inside you to move in a more desirable direction.

Working with me will start a process of internal change which will be linked to the type of external change you want to create. You will then be able to take practical steps to move in the direction of your choosing.