Clarity Conversations


Swift and Focussed help for relationships during challenging times


Relationships can be challenging at any time but now we are in lockdown there is an added intensity that may be appearing for some of us.  This is what Clarity Conversations is designed to address.

Do you have the feeling that someone close to you isn’t really understanding you?

Are you and your partner struggling to communicate?

When we are under pressure we can find it difficult to listen well to someone close to us or to speak in a manner that they seem to hear.

Unusual circumstances (like a lockdown) really intensifies these situations.


Wouldn’t it be good to have a swift way of getting some help?

With nearly 30 years of skills in mediation and of helping people in all sorts of situations to have tough conversations I’ve now developed Clarity Conversations.

This isn’t couple counselling.  It’s a facilitated conversation that helps two people in a current conflict to listen to each other, feel heard and perhaps find a point of mutual understanding or resolution.

We will engage with both emotional and practical issues.  You will each get time to name the issues from your perspective, to identify key challenges and then receive support along with some tools to help you move forward.

We will work remotely using Zoom or Skype and either dive straight into the issue or if there is a need to talk to you individually I’ll suggest that.

Contact me for a FREE 20-minute check in to see if I can help in your particular situation. 

Sessions are 90 minute long and cost £100.






"Nigel held a non-judgmental, safe and positive space, and skilfully enabled each of us to work out what we needed to work out.

In 90 minutes we covered all the major topics we've been trying to battle out on our own since we met.

He empowered us to recognise and celebrate our shared vision, as well as bringing clarity to our challenges".

April 2020