Conflict and the Body

This workshop will focus on how interpersonal conflict affects our bodies and how we can use our bodies to effect conflict.

This will be highly experiential using movement and breathing to explore how we can help ourselves – and others – to deal more effectively with conflict situations.  

The principles are mainly drawn from the martial art of aikido and the practice of being centered.  

In conflict, many of us drop into fight/flight/freeze and this leads us to give way, do nothing or act in an aggressive manner. If we are centered we create the possibility of new choices, of flow – the potential of acting in an assertive and respectful manner.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in how conflict affects the body

Anyone who is wanting to know how their body can help them when dealing with conflict

People who want to find ways of relaxing and getting ‘centered’


The workshop offers:

  • An understanding of the difference between a reaction and a response
  • Simple to do practical activities that will help you relax
  • Learning how to use your body to support yourself in conflict
  • Engaging the intelligence and capability within your body, rather than ignoring it

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