An introduction to Conflict Constellations

A one-day workshop to challenge and develop your relationship with your own conflicts

Saturday 12th March 2022

10am until 5pm

Bristol Subud Hall, 29 Wesley Place, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2YD

Conflict is one of the factors that defines us and that brings the possibility of growth and change.  Conflict, when engaged with well give meaning and purpose to our lives.

We will work with conflict constellations which will give you an opportunity to deepen your understanding and your potential.for change within your conflict situations.  This approach dives into our embodied expeience of a conflict and also allows us to look at the wider system involved in the situation.

What are Conflict Constellations?

They are an exciting way of exploring your own conflict situations by working with a group to recreate a physical representation of your situation.   They bring new understanding and the opportunity of change.

I facilitate you and the group to experience the conflict from various physical, psychological and emotional perspectives.

The process can happen quickly in perhaps 15 minutes or in some situations can unfold over one or two hours, they are always unpredictable.

This approach is a way of working with a person’s conflict that I developed about 25 years ago near the beginning of my career in mediation and which I have been adapting and refining since that time.

They are challenging, revealing and insightful.

During the day we will also use an array of exercises drawn originally from the martial art of Aikido as a way of exploring our experience of conflict in our bodies and to create and develop some new options for how we engage with conflict.

After nearly 30 years of working as a mediator who specialises in facilitating difficult conversation, I can help you start to move from conflict to clarity.

Someone attending a previous course said

"I really enjoyed the relaxed, respectful, personal approach of the workshop. With seeming ease Nigel helped us to co-create a safe and warm group for the day. Weaving in a variety of different offerings from a menu according to the responses in the room worked well. The mix of whole group, pairs, small group, sitting, moving etc gave a liveliness to the day – no time to get tired or bored yet neither was it ‘too much’ at any point. I liked the fresh approach to some familiar material and also found I left the day wanting to experience more. I’d thoroughly recommend this workshop."

Full fee:  £65.   Students or if receiving state benefit: £40

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