Creative Listening

“If you’re thinking whilst I’m talking – you’re not listening to me”

You know when someone is wanting to talk with you and you’re busy or conversely you have a conversation with someone and you leave thinking that they haven’t listened to you.  It can be really frustrating and lead to ongoing miscommunication and at its worst to the breakdown of relationship.

Creating space to listen, demonstrating that you have actually listened and asking for time to be heard.  These are all things that easily get bypassed in our busy lives. We make assumptions about the degree to which we understand each other and this is particularly tough if anyone is feeling emotionally triggered.

Creative Listening is a very simple but disciplined way of slowing down your desire to ask questions, offer solutions or talk about your own experience.  It is a foundational technique for paying attention to other people.

As with many simple things, it can, paradoxically, be very difficult. It takes time and practice.

In its original form Creative Listening was developed by Rachel Pinney, whom I first studied with in 1983.  This workshop is an updated form of her approach which pays attention to our thoughts, emotions and bodies.

Who is it for?

People who want to pay clearer attention to each other in their work and personal  relationships

If you find it difficult to give time to your staff, colleagues, boss

If you get irritated with key people in your life and want to find a way of communicating with them differently

In fact, everyone can benefit from this course.



We all do lots of listening every day and may assume that we are good at it but many of us have never had the opportunity to really pay attention to how to do it well.

This workshop offers

  • Dedicated time to focus on your ability to listen
  • Experience of being listened to
  • Practice at slowing down your internal dialogue
  • Getting better at offering good quality attention to other people
  • Putting your desire to instantly solve a problem to one side

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