Understanding Conflict - Positions and Interests

In stressful moments a position is what comes out of our mouths:

‘that’ll never work’

‘go to bed now’

‘I demand an apology’

Underneath a position is the thing that we want that we aren’t expressing.

Perhaps as follows:

‘that’ll never work’ ‘I want you to listen to me and my experience’

‘go to bed now’‘I’m very tired and need a bit of peace and quiet’

‘I demand an apology’‘I want you to acknowledge that you did something that caused me hurt’

An understanding of both the concept and practicality of positions and interests allows us to see more clearly.  Sometimes the challenging behaviour that we and others display comes from somewhere tangible and understandable. If we have this insight it allows us to communicate and behave in a new ways. We will look at theory and practice, there will be opportunities to learn theory and then immediately consolidate it by applying it to your own situations.

Who is it for?

Anyone in a leadership position


Children who struggle with their parents

If you find it difficult to give time to people who want to talk to you

If you get irritated with key people in your life and want to find a way of communicating with them differently


Most of us are problem solvers, a situation arises and we sort it out.  Sometimes we need to look at the problem and situation in more depth

This workshop allows you to

  • Notice when you need to pause before acting
  • Develop position and interest “antennae”
  • Work on the type of questions and approach to take that will lead to better long term solutions
  • Build more empathy for what sometimes feel like other people’s irritating responses

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