The Drama Pyramid

When in conflict, many of us get into a negative cycle of behaviour which involves roles that can be called, victim, persecutor and rescuer. This is the Drama Triangle and it can be a destructive and tiring place to spend time.

This workshop transforms the triangle into a pyramid and offers you a way out of negative interactions. 

The pyramid offers us a simple and effective way of stepping out of the triangle and of thinking and feeling differently and of acting more clearly.

Who is it for?

This is for people who are stuck in one of the three roles and want to get out

If you manage others and they keep using one of the roles to avoid responsibility.  For example, you try to manage someone and they always burst into tears – this is them acting as victim whilst seeing you as persecutor

If you always feel stuck in a negative conflict cycle and want to change the situation


The workshop offers:

  • A clear model to improve your interactions in conflict
  • Explicit actions that you can take to develop your ability to engage fruitfully in conflict
  • Specific skills to practice that will serve in many areas of your life

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