Working with a wide range of organisations and communities to help develop and deepen relationships

Supporting you to grapple with issues such as:

Conflict or collaboration

Quick fix or sustainable solution

Confusion or clarity

Emotions or rationality

Chaos or order

My interventions

  • Support productivity, motivation, relationships and well-being
  • Enable clear decision making and effective problem solving
  • Achieve optimum functioning through clarity in thought, action and feeling
  • Assist you to 'flow' with a situation rather than getting caught in fight or flight
  • Increase your risk taking and your enjoyment of work

Any work that I do is designed to meet specific needs, so please contact me to find out more.

Mediation and conflict

I mediate disputes; I get called into conflict situations and work with the people in dispute to help them find a way through their issues. I also train mediators and help to set up internal mediation services.

I facilitate conflicts and tensions within groups, this usually involves more people than in mediation and often there is greater complexity. This may involve working with diversity, equality and oppression issues that exist within communities and organisations.

Mediation and conflict facilitation are a way of using a neutral and impartial third party to resolve a dispute. It is a confidential process and is usually quick and cost effective. The process will always generate new information for the parties to use, sometimes this enables them to move forward harmoniously, build relationships and find ways to move on or if not, to think clearly about what they should do next.

Training courses

I train others in managing conflict, mediation, anger and aggression; negotiation and delegation.

I run workshops on diversity and equality.

I work with Andrew Lister a clinical psychologist offering training in the field of working with looked after children.

All of my work is designed to suit a specific need and tailored to give you what you want. For example I have trained mediators in many contexts. The key skills are the same but if you are dealing with neighbour disputes you will require something different to workplace conflicts.


I work with groups to help them find a way forward, reach a consensus, learn, dig themselves out of a pit; or to increase their awareness of how they can be effective as a group. I also train other people as facilitators. Facilitation offers a safe pair of hands and a neutral and independent voice to help a group think clearly about specific issues. It will bring clarity and understanding to complex and challenging situations and create an opportunity to break-away from old patterns of interaction.

I also work with Adrian Boots, a landscape ecologist, offering a mixture of walking and facilitation, for more information have a look at

Management coaching

I coach managers; working to their agenda, I support them in being creative in their work. I also provide a safe place for them to say, 'Oh no, I don't know what to do'.

It is a one to one process that is confidential, challenging, supportive and creative. I will help you to understand and develop your management style and this will help you to support yourself, your staff and when necessary your manager.