"I will always be grateful to Nigel. Having been impressed when working with him in my work environment I asked him to help enable my estranged father and I to meet and begin communication after 10 years. Nigel managed what was to us a very emotional and challenging situation, expertly and sensitively."   Ronnie - Vet

What a performance! (And I don't mean me or person X). You were just amazing. 
Please call me to talk about it, if that isn't against the rules. I would really love to tell you how impressed I was with you, the process, me, the outcome, person X, person Y. Paul - Director Civil Service Department 

"...furthermore, the mediation meeting that followed this hearing was, I believe, the single most important occasion in the whole process. Despite considerable emotional tension and communication difficulties, your strength of purpose, clear thinking and creativity kept the meeting going. This meeting provided the foundation for something I could actually do - put an agreed programme together." Secondary School Headteacher

"The individual nature of the sessions meant that time is very well spent dealing with relevant issues. Good soft skills training is very hard to get and this approach has already helped me a great deal in dealing with staff and their concerns."

"Without these coaching sessions I would have broken down completely at least twice."

"The topic of conflict resolution was excellent. The content and style were completely different from what I had expected. Nigel was very knowledgeable over a range of topics and encouraged a self-reflective emphasis which I found beneficial."

"Found it very interesting as it was presented in a different style to anything I've been on before. Left me wanting to go a lot further. Very useful to observe Nigel's different styles of facilitation throughout the whole day."

"By far the best trainer I have come across. Sensitive but firm control."

"Thought provoking, uncomfortable, inspiring."