From conflict

to clarity

Creating positive change

Get into alignment

Make clear choices

Take focused action

Do you get stuck:

  • When your boss takes you for granted?
  • When a colleague is ignoring your input?
  • When a partner or family member isn’t listening to you or your best friend has unexplainably stopped talking to you?
  • When you can’t work out what to do in a particular situation?
  • When you are struggling to meet deadlines or targets?

It can be great to have help in these situations but often we just keep it bottled up inside or alternatively we moan about it to someone who reinforces our sense of injustice.

Sometimes it can be a huge relief to take these concerns to someone; to take time to pause and in that pause to think and feel and question the situation. To gain some new insight and to look at ways of moving forward.

Are you ready to take a step forward, to sort out a difficult situation, if so, then talk to me (even if you think that your situation is unsolvable).

I work with people in all sorts of conflict situations. Sometimes I use an individual process (coaching) and sometimes it is with two or more people at the same time (mediation).

Have a look at the two case studies for a flavour of what I do.

To find out how I can help you, ask me a question or tell me about your situation.