Conflict coaching

A colleague asks you to do some extra work but you’re already stretched to the limit.

Your parents expect you to spend Christmas with them again and you want to do something different.

Someone you manage bursts into tears every time you try to talk about their poor performance.

You want a beach holiday and your partner wants to play golf/look at art galleries/walk up mountains (delete as appropriate).

Sometimes these types of situations are not an issue and don’t create problems but for most of us there are some situations where we don’t manage to act and communicate with ease and clarity.

The consequence of this is that we sometimes feel compromised, hurt, aggrieved, angry, confused or more.  We spend hours thinking about the issue (sometimes at 3 am), each time we think about it our heart pumps faster and our stomach goes into a knot.

At this point we need something that helps us to unpick the situation, something that honours our emotions and helps us to use them in an effective manner to make decisions and act on them.

And this is where conflict coaching can help

I will help you deal with any conflict in any circumstance

And I need to warn you that ‘deal with’ doesn’t always mean that everyone ends up living happily ever after.  

Many of us tend to avoid engaging with conflicts. If we ignore it long enough we hope it might disappear, sometimes it does. Conversely, sometimes we don’t do anything because we are scared of what might happen, will the other person explode in anger or hurt, might the relationship disappear entirely?

Often, the longer we leave the situation the more entrenched it can become.  

Our conflicts can be both external and internal – with other people or within ourselves.

Conflict coaching will support you to change your mindset and to get really clear about what you want from a situation, how to approach it, how to deal with your hurt/fear/anger/uncertainty or other emotions and also how to deal with the unexpected.

Get in touch to start exploring how you can approach your situation in a new light.