There are always consequences for ourselves and our organisations when we don't communicate and they are usually negative. These may include, failed projects, loss of income, poor performance and personal stress - to name a few. So start to have the conversations and you can use four simple steps to get going. Notice the conversations that you aren't having; Ask yourself what you want from these conversation and what the thoughts and feelings you have in relationship to them; Create strategies to start the conversations; Do it

Starting tricky conversations


In the spirit of moving from conflict to clarity here is a simple way of increasing the chances of helping a tricky conversation go well, for you and the other person.



When we get hurt by other people's actions some of us may experience a desire to take revenge. As a society we tend to push away from the idea of revenge and yet it at its heart it may contain a gift. In this video I suggest that you let your wish for revenge out in a safe way and see if you can determine what lies within it.

Being Normal


Our sense of what is normal has a significant impact on how we move through the world and what we expect from it. In the context of Black Lives Matter it is crucial for me as a white man to recognise how my day to day lived experience and my privilege will be radically different to that of people of colour. If I dont pay attention to this difference and act thoughtfuly upon it, I will be adding to the injustice that exists in our society.

We can all get into difficulty when our expectations don't get met. The challenge is that we often don't realise that we have an expectation until it gets stepped on. This video offers a simple solution if someone treads on your expectations

Listening with a Soft Hand


Can you listen with a soft hand? What does this even mean? Find out in the video.....