Moments of Transition


As we move from activity to activity, from doing one thing to doing another, do we notice the gap between the two activities. It serves us well to allow a moment of transition. Give yourself this as a gift.

Saying the Unsayable


In conflict there is often a gap between between what we want to say and what actually comes out of our mouths. This video explores a way of reducing that gap and helping you move to greater clarity.

Deepen your listening practice. Using reflective listening as a key skill and approach to help you move towards clarity in moments of misunderstanding.

Listening, a simple practice


A key element of moving towards clarity is our ability to listen. This video offers a simple technique that you can practice in any situation. I hope it works for you

Significant People


When engaging with conflict we have all been shaped by many experiences. In this clip I encourage you to think about people who have impacted you - for good or ill - in your relationship with conflict. For more information about my work please look at

A fundamental part of helping to shift from conflict to clarity is understanding that there is often something hidden underneath what appear to be very blunt and direct statements. The thing that is stated is called a Position, what lies underneath is our Interest. This video starts to explain the difference and how to look out for them.